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We as timeshare owners demand more from life. 
We strive for the best and enjoy life to the fullest.
We expect the finer things and understand that friends, family, and seeing the beautiful world we live in are what truly matters.
Our experiences are unique and our memories are filled with wonder and awe.
We are world travelers that possess a knowledge of culture, language and understanding that our nontraveling piers lack.
www.timesharesocialclub.com is a community that allows its users to share their experiences about travel, owning timeshare, or the resorts they've stayed in.
Maybe they would like to share their experiences with the company they own, make new friends or keep in touch with old ones.
Come be a part of the timeshare community today.
Timeshare Way is no longer associated with Absolute in Thailand.

7 nights 8 days starting at $99.00
We are looking for new resorts to add to our list. If you are are a resort interested in advertising with us, or if you have purchased one of our vacations and need a refund, please see our cantact us page and let us know.
A book dedicated to the education of timeshare. Whether you’re an owner, a sales person, or someone generally interested in Timeshare, this book is a must have. Inside you’ll learn what timeshare is. The different kinds of timeshare. How to sell your timeshare without paying a resale company. If you should buy a timeshare. How to get the exchanges you want. Different exchange companies you can use to get the best exchange. How exchange companies work.  What exchange power is and so much more.
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With all of the stories of how timeshare started, the most logical is it started in Europe in the early 1950’s.  After two laws were passed in the late 1940’s, pensioners found themselves with expendable income and a desire to vacation. Enterprising Hoteliers found a way to take advantage of this and make money during the seasons they had zero occupancy.
These and many more amazing facts can be found here. Pick up your copy today and become a timeshare expert.
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China in Pictures, Words, And Video - Follow the links to get your copy today



With over 5000 years of history, China is one of the most fascinating and alluring places in the world today.
In this edition we discover the Capital City of Beijing.  Experience Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, The Great Wall, the food, the culture and the city itself. As a bonus we have added Shanli Lohas, an ancient city approximately three hours north of Beijing. Sit back, Relax, and enjoy the adventure.
In this edition we discover Shanghai. China’s showpiece of its booming economy. Experience Pudong, Puxi, The Oriental Tower, The Bund, the food, the culture and the city itself.  As a bonus we have added Lili Waterside houses, an ancient city approximately 70 miles from Shanghai. Sit back, Relax, And enjoy the adventure.
In this edition we discover Dalian. Dalian is the financial center of Northeast china. Experience Xinghai Square as well as the longest wooden walkway in the world; according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Enjoy Xinghai Park, Labour Park, Discoveryland, Fujiazhuang Park, the food, the culture, the nightlife and the city itself. Sit back, Relax, And enjoy the adventure.
In this edition we discover Harbin. Harbin is known as the Ice City for it well known winter tours and recreations. Approximately 400 km (250 miles) from the Russian border it has the most bitterly cold winters among major Chinese cities. Experience the world famous Harbin International Ice and Snow sculpture festival. Experience the Russian influence and see the Saint Sophia Cathedral that was built in 1903. Check out the amazing malls located here and enjoy the food, the culture and the city itself.
Somewhere in a small community located in the Rocky Mountains, John, a construction worker trying to make ends meet and provide a Christmas for his wife and children, is getting ready for his annual deer hunting trip with his coworker and friend, Phil.

At the same time, the head elder from the Clan of the Keepers is making his way home from his yearly meeting of the elders. He's anxious, and in a hurry,  to get back to his children and his duties of taking care of the forest and the animals that reside within it.
Through a rash of violence and a twist of fate, these two will come together, drastically changing their lives as well as the lives of their loved ones and friends who are left at home. Will John ever make it home alive? And more importantly, will the Keepers learn enough from the animal they have captured to stop the destruction of their world?

Find the answers and get your copy today:
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