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*Due to local laws, finance concerns and limited staffing, not all locations are available for languages other than english or countries other than those they are located in.  All areas open for Chinese will be translated into Chinese.
We as timeshare owners demand more from life. 
We strive for the best and enjoy life to the fullest.
We expect the finer things and understand that friends, family, and seeing the beautiful world we live in are what truly matters.
Our experiences are unique and our memories are filled with wonder and awe.
We are world travelers that possess a knowledge of culture, language and understanding that our nontraveling piers lack.
www.timesharesocialclub.com is a community that allows its users to share their experiences about travel, owning timeshare, or the resorts they've stayed in.
Maybe they would like to share their experiences with the company they own, make new friends or keep in touch with old ones.
Come be a part of the timeshare community today.
Welcome to The Timeshare Way.  This site will be giving you some of the greatest   
deals on timeshare vacations in the world today. Enjoy 7 night 8 day vacations for         
as little as $99.00USD.  Thats not per person or per night but for 2 adults and 2    
children under the age of 12. Children over the age of 12 are still welcome but there     
will be an extra charge. We are constantly looking for more resorts to join our   
community from around the world, so come back and check with us often. 

So whats the catch?  Why would a beautiful four or five star resort be willing to give us
such an amazing deal on a weeks vacation?  The answer is very simple.They would    
like you to sample their product and introduce you to, what we believe, is a better way to
take vacations. There are qualifications in order to enjoy holidays such as this so   
please be sure to check the terms and conditions page before purchasing one of
our packages.  One of the conditions is that you attend a 90 minute presentation. 

This presentation will explain the Timeshare Way as well as the benefits of owning
your holiday instead of renting.  We think you will agree that 90 minutes out of the
thousands of minutes you are going to be able to enjoy these amazing places is a    
small price to pay for these amazing savings.

Below are the areas we have. Click on the take of the country you wish to visit and it     
will take you to the cities we can offer.  Click on the cities to see the resorts. Again,
please come back often as we are always in touch with more resorts in other areas
around the world. We believe we will be adding more wonderful resorts for you to      
enjoy soon.
7 nights 8 days starting at $99.00